Richest Pinoy Rapper 2021

stick figgas
stick figgas I

Musician Stick Figgas
Net Worth $30 million

The Richest Pinoy Rapper Stick Figgas. Stick Figgas has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Stick Figgas is a popular Filipino music group made up of Loonie and Ron Henley.

stick figgas
stick figgas I

Loonie and Ron Henley originally started the group in 2002 on a popular television talent show and were mentored by legendary rapper FrancisM. They have grown and expanded a supergroup, fronted by a singer and backed by a four-piece live band and turntablist.

Stick Figgas now members like; Kat Agarrado, Nikki Carbado, Tuts Calinawan, JC Sebastian, Jopz Jabo and Macky Brillantes.

The group has churned out songs that have won them many awards as Pinoy rappers or rappers from the Philippines. Some of their songs are Ubasan, Parisukat, Lamanloob, Hiram, Bara Bara and many others.


By Joseph Dumolga


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