Richest Greek Rapper 2021

Musician Mad Clip
Net Worth $140 million

Mad Clip is the richest Greek rapper with an estimated net worth of $140 million. He goes by the real name Peter Anastasopoulos and was born on 25 May 1987 in New York. His name Mad Clip is an abbreviation of “Money and drugs can’t live in poverty”.

Mad clip is currently signed to the dynamic record company called Capital Music. His fame in the Greek music industry, backed by his hard work has placed him in the lead earning him the richest rapper currently in Greece.


Despite the language barrier, Mad Clip’s music is celebrated worldwide. Some of his well-known songs are;

  • Mama
  • Kotera
  • Sinthikes
  • Super trapper
  • theAmerikanos LP
  • Super trapper 2

His songs are most popular among young people, and he has collaborated with other musicians on multiple occasions, most notably on the song Mama, which he co-wrote with Sin Boy and other artists.

Mad clips worked with the following music labels: Capital Music, PanikRecordsTube, Above The Hood, isyourboysinboy, Toquel, RAF, SNIK OFFICIAL, Mad Clip, Trapsion Entertainment, iLLEOo, Mente Fuerte, Sin Boy Official, Pappous tou Manou, Lil CringeTV, Mad House Records, and Black Phone Entertainment

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