Top 10 Richest Musicians In Bolivia

Zulma Yugar
Zulma Yugar I

Bolivia is a country in central South America, with a varied terrain spanning Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert, and the Amazon Basin rainforest.

When it comes to music, Bolivia has a rich musical history that encompasses a wide range of styles. The most well-known national artists play folkloric, although genres such as rock and even electro have made inroads in recent decades. We bring you the 10 richest musicians in Bolivia.

Los Kjarkas – $1 million

Los Kjarkas is a Bolivian band from the Capinota province in the department of Cochabamba, and one of the most popular Andean folk music bands in the country’s history. Among the styles they play are Saya, tuntuna, huayno, and carnavales. This six-man ensemble has seen several changes throughout the years, including the addition of a Japanese national who loved one of their live performances so much he successfully auditioned for a spot.

Atajo – $1 million

Atajo I

Bolivia’s premier rock/reggae band, Atajo formed in 1996 when a group of like-minded musicians got together and started playing clubs around their home city of La Paz. From the get-go, this self-described collective initiative has striven to reflect the reality of Bolivian society, in all its faults and all its beauty.

Savia Nueva – $900,000

Savia Nueva
Savia Nueva I

Savia Nueva is another timeless Bolivian folkloric group that has played an important role in the nation’s musical history. Fronted by legendary Bolivian singer César Junaro.

Kalamarka – $890,000

Kalamarka I

Hailing from La Paz, this famous foklorica band started out in the mid-1980s as a kind of experiment in indigenous Andean music, although they quickly developed their own unique style.

Zulma Yugar – $800,000

Zulma Yugar
Zulma Yugar I

Bolivia’s most famous female classical folk singer, Zulma Yugar has received international recognition for her strong vocal range that swings between impossibly high and low notes, almost reminiscent of European opera.

Octavia – $ 700,000

The other great Bolivian rock band, Octavia’s unique sound is a haphazard mix of catchy pop choruses, traditional Andean instruments, electro synths, heavy riffs and funky bass lines. Starting out in 1988, they found international success in 1995 when they were picked up by Sony Records and began touring the United States and Latin America.

César Junaro – $ 600,000

César Junaro
César Junaro I

César Junaro is a Bolivian singer-songwriter.

Ernesto Cavour – $500,000

Ernesto Cavour
Ernesto Cavour I

Ernesto Cavour Aramayo is a singer, musician, inventor of musical instruments, and author of Bolivian music teaching books. He was a founding member of the group Los Jairas. In 2013 he received the Order of the Condor of the Andes.

Luzmila Carpio – $500,0000

Luzmila Carpio
Luzmila Carpio I noticiasfides,com

Luzmila Carpio is a Bolivian singer, who has performed in Spanish and Quechua, and former Bolivian ambassador to France from 2006 to 2010.

Emma Junaro – $100,000

Emma Junaro
Emma Junaro I

Emma Junaro is a Bolivian musician. Junior’s style incorporates Brazilian popular music, European folk styles, and Andean music. She has worked with the record producer Fernando Cabrero on recording the poems of Matilde Casazola, a poet.


By Joseph Dumolga


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