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Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known professionally as AKA, is the richest rapper in South Africa. AKA is a South African rapper and entrepreneur born and raised in Cape Town. AKA has a net worth estimated at $12 million.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Benin

In the Republic of Benin, anytime music is mentioned, one name comes to mind. The Grammy award-winning Angélique Kidjo. Angélique Kidjo tops the list of the richest musicians in Benin. She has inspired many musicians who are not only in Benin but Africa in its entirety.

Musicians in Benin either record in English, Beninois, or French.

Angélique Kidjo – $10 million.

Angélique Kidjo
Angélique Kidjo I musicinafrica.net

Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo, is a Beninese singer-songwriter, actress, and activist who is noted for her diverse musical influences and creative music videos. In 2007, Time magazine called her “Africa’s premier diva”

Gnonnas Pedro – $5 million.

Gnonnas Pedro
Gnonnas Pedro I youtube.com

Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi, known by the stage name Gnonnas Pedro was a singer and musician from Lokossa, Benin. He is perhaps best known as the lead singer of Africando between 1995 and his death in 2004, but had been well known in his home country of Benin and beyond since the 1960s.

Lionel Loueke – $3 million.

Lionel Loueke
Lionel Loueke I straight.com

Lionel Loueke is a guitarist and vocalist born in Benin. He moved to Ivory Coast in 1990 to study at the National Institute of Art.

Blaaz – $3 million.

Blaaz I newsin24.com

Nabil Franck Assani, known by his stage name Blaaz, is a Beninese hip-hop recording artist.

Stan Tohon – $2 million.

Stan Tohon
Stan Tohon I youtube.com

Stan Tohon was a famous Beninese singer, musician, and composer. He died on February 26, 2019, in Paris, France.

Zeynab Habib – $2 million.

Zeynab Habib
Zeynab Habib I archiworlds.com

Zeynab Habib is a Yoruba Beninese singer of world music born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She won the Kora Awards in 2005 in the Category Best Female Artist in West Africa and has been Unicef’s National Goodwill Ambassador since 2007.

El Rego – $1 milllion.

El Rego
El Rego I npr.org

El Rego is a true legend of African Soul Music. Here for the first time on the album are 12 of his greatest recordings from the late ’60s and early ’70s hand-picked by Daptone Records.

Wally Badarou – $1 million.

Wally Badarou
Wally Badarou I youtube.com

Waliou Jacques Daniel Isheola “Wally” Badarou is a French musician. Born in France with ancestry from Benin, West Africa, Badarou is known for his close association with the English group Level 42, and for his prolific work as a session musician with a wide variety of performers from around the world.

Dibi Dobo – $1 million.

Dibi Dobo
Dibi Dobo I hophopafrica.com

Dibi Dobo is a popular Beninese singer-songwriter

Moona – $185,000.

Moona I youtube.com

Moona is a West African rapper. Known for her flow, sharp and poetic lyrics, and active involvement with the youth, Moona is an active member of United Artists for African Rap in which she represents her native Benin.

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