Top 10 Richest Musicians In Angola

C4 Pedro
C4 Pedro I

Angola has some of the finest musicians in Africa who sell the country well with more music collaborations with acts from other countries. Here are the top 10 richest musicians in Angola.

C4 Pedro – $108 million

C4 Pedro
C4 Pedro I

Pedro Henriques Lisboa Santos, better known by his stage name C4 Pedro, is an Angolan kizomba musician.

Preto Show – $ 8 million

Preto Show
Preto Show I

Preto Show is a famous Cabindan music producer and singer. He rose to fame for his sound combines elements of Afro-beat, funk, hip-hop, R&B, and others.

Anselmo Ralph – $ 5 million.

Anselmo Ralph
Anselmo Ralph I

Anselmo Ralf Andrade Cordeiro is an Angolan singer. He is one of the better internationally known Angolan singers and is commonly known for producing romantic songs.

Apollo G – $5 million.

Apollo G
Apollo G I

Rui Rolando – $4 million.

Rui Orlando
Rui Orlando I

Landrick – $3 million.

Landrick I

Anna Joyce – $ 3 million.

Anna Joyce
Anna Joyce I

Cef Tanzy – $ 2 million.

Cef Tanzy
Cef Tanzy I

Bruna Tatiana – $ 2 million.

Bruna Tatiana
Bruna Tatiana I

Bráulio Alexandre – $1 million.

Bráulio Alexandre
Bráulio Alexandre I


By Joseph Dumolga


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