Richest Polish Rapper 2021

quebonafide I

Musician Quebonafide
Net Worth $5 million

The Richest Polish Rapper is Quebonafide. Quebonafide has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He also tops the list of best rappers from Poland even though the country is not known globally as a music powerhouse.

quebonafide I

Quebonafide is a member of the duos Yochimu and Taconafide and the founder of the record label QueQuality. He is one of the best-selling Polish rappers with over 350 thousand albums sold.

Quebonafide was born Kuba Grabowski on July 7, 1991 in Ciechanow, Poland. He studied philosophy at the University of Warsaw.

Quebonafide has released have released three albums since 2008. He has taken part in several freestyle battles and has been awarded on many platforms who are recognizing his works.

Quebonafide is currently in a relationship with Natalia Szroeder, a polish singer and television personality.





By Joseph Dumolga


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